Fuck! Denis O’ Brien

My name is Denis O’ Brien,

I got richer during the recession,

While people were crying,

I took over communications.

Michael Lowry knows my generosity,

Others know my wrath,

Unstoppable, even Moriarity

will not block my path.

I sue people too.

Even if they tell the truth.

One day, I’ll sue you too,

Add that to my loot.

I paid Trap’s wages,

You should love your leader,

Turn my “independent” pages,

Be a devoted reader.

Fuck you Sam Smyth,

Fuck you Catherine Murphy,

There’s nothing I can’t get away with,

Irish Water, Siteserv, Moriarity.

While I live in Malta,

I get deals from IBRC.

An Emperor at Yalta,

Clear for all to see.

I have no problem enervating

the country of my birth.

I killed verisimilitude

and know not mirth.

So, when you have your

next sleepless night,

Think of my money,

And my divine right.


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