An Interview with Dublin Band Gangs

  1. How have the recordings been going?

Yeah, the recordings are going brilliantly. We have been in our element writing and recording in The Factory (our rehearsal space) for the last month or so. We have brought out a bunch of songs and it feels nice to know there is a collective of songs people can listen to and know the songs when they come see us play. That’s really the number one reason we decided to do it and hopefully there’s more to come soon.

  1. How much have things changed since I was talking to you in Cork last year?

Things have changed completely since the last time we spoke. We would say obviously our relationship as a band is still the exact same, but our music has totally changed. Our sound is almost unrecognisable to the band we used to be, but we feel that needed to happen. It was a very natural progression for us. It wasn’t planned by any means, but we are all in a much happier place artistically speaking as a band now and totally at ease with making music and not being afraid to try different things rather than be confined.

  1. What are your main musical influences?

It totally varies between each band member. Aside from playing music together we also listen to a lot of music together. Often, somebody will come up to the factory with something new they have heard and show it to the group which is always pretty cool. I think we are pretty inspired by bands/people across all genres who aren’t/weren’t afraid to try something new or express themselves any way they want. I think that’s something we all respect collectively as a band.

  1. What was the inspiration behind tracks like “It’s All U”, “WaZeD” etc?

All the songs recorded in the last month were all written relatively recently and recorded straight away. “It’s All U” is a song we have had for a little while and the version on SoundCloud is a remix made by The Loraine Club which they showed us one day up at The Factory (they share rehearsal space with us as one of the members is Jordan’s brother) and we just thought it sounded pretty fucking cool so Jordan sang over it and we just brought it out. All the songs have no inspiration really but from ourselves and our development as a band

5) On SoundCloud, one of the comments described “Oscar” as gritty, is this something you agree with, and if so, is this the sound you were trying for?

 I think that’s a fair comment. It wasn’t something we were intentionally going for but yeah whoever that man/woman is… we feel ya!

6) The Artwork posted on Facebook is interesting. Was this an “in-house” production?

Honestly, it was really just us fucking about. No real thought was put in apart from what would be a funny picture to put along with this track. I think it’s important we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

7) What was it like playing at the picnic?

Yeah, it was amazing. It was a real pleasure playing the Salty Dog. All the crew and stage guys were really cool people and the gig itself went really well. We played a heap of new songs and the crowds digged it. Can’t ask for much more.


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