The Climate Change War

By Patrick Brogan


This isn’t a war in the traditional sense, but it might just be the most important one we ever face. Unlike most wars, this will impact on us all. There are a number reasons why this is occurring. However, there is one important factor that dominates the rest; money. There is too much wonga to be made destroying the planet. Those that want to save it don’t have enough of it to make a difference.

There are many different interests that have a stake in this problem. The ordinary person is part of this. We have heard so much over the last few years about reducing our carbon footprint. This is a good idea but it will only bring us so far. Political, financial, agricultural, building and academic interests need to up their game. The problem is unless there is a financial incentive, most of these groups will not care.

There isn’t the political will as most politicians, especially in the States, are bankrolled in some way by the major oil and gas companies. The links with the Bush family and the oil barons are well documented. Hillary Clinton is heading down a similar path according to Greenpeace. She has received nearly $ 7mllion in contributions from the fossil fuel industry. They aren’t doing this out of the goodness of their hearts and will want something in return when she is elected. This is the problem with the democratic system. It is too dependent on donors.

Obviously, the big oil and coal players do not want the status quo to be shook up and will want legislation to reflect that. This not just in the field of energy consumption. Think of how any factors make up and change the environment. Building regulations, waste management, the farming industry, travel and transport etc. All these can have a negative impact on the environment if left in the wrong hands.

Another institution that has a lot to answer for in this regard is global finance. The IMF and World Bank “offer” crippling loans to countries that are already debt burdened and about to break. Part of their deals usually stipulate that the natural resources are privatised and the citizens of these countries then have to pay for these resources. Ireland and the privatisation of our water is a great example.

Now, imagine this; all natural resources are free. Can you see this world? The influence and power of the oil and gas companies would be destroyed. We should have no need for them considering we have more than an abundance of solar power. There just needs to the will to do this. This will not come from the politicians or business bank or bankers. No, it needs to come from the people. Hopefully, will this will become apparent before it is too late.


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