Forget Trump and Clinton, Vote Supreme

By Patrick Brogan

Politics in America has traditionally been the realm of middle-aged, white men. For most of that time, it has been dominated by two parties. One could draw the conclusion that it is an elitist boys club. So, what are the requirements to become a presidential candidate?

According to the Constitution anyone who wishes to become president must be:

  1. At least thirty-five years old.
  2. A resident of the United States for at least fourteen years.
  3. A natural-born citizen.

Do you have to be a Democrat or a Republican? No. In fact, there are a number of people that are not a member of either party running. Sanders only joined the Democrats in the last year as he felt party membership would better place him to run for office. Other candidates running are part of different organisations. Do they have a chance of winning? Not very likely, but they do have some important things to say nonetheless.  

The Third Party

I have studied American politics for a number of years and I didn’t realise until researching this article that there was a Green Party in the States. Yes, there is. They have a candidate in  Jill Stein. Stein got around 400,000 votes in the last presidential elections, about 0.3% of the vote. This was the most any female candidate had ever received before, although Hilldog is likely to smash that this time around. At the moment though, she is polling at 4% on average. This could be quite telling because she is eating into Clinton votes. Given how close the polls are at the moment, this 4% swing could spell disaster for Clinton presidential aspirations.

If you are Clinton supporter, don’t despair. Although she is likely to lose some votes, Donald Trump may have a bigger problem. Matt Kwong reporting for CBC described the Libertarian Party this way; “Long an election afterthought, the political movement dedicated to small government, fiscal conservatism and social liberalism is now buoyed by historically low approval ratings for Trump and Clinton.” Gary Johnson is their candidate. He is traditionally for low tax too. Many old schools Republicans support these policies and given that Johnson is a former Republican he should be well able to appeal to those voters that are already dismayed within the party, unhappy as they are with Trump’s antics and they feel he is making the Republican Party a laughing stock. This contingent is growing ever bigger.

Johnson is polling at 8% on average, but hit as high as 13% in a CNN poll earlier this month. The approval rate for both Clinton and Trump are low for a number of reasons, some of which I explored in an article for another site a while back. 

Why Are People Turning Away From the Big Two?

The crux of it is this; they are not very trustworthy. Another theme is that people want change. It is difficult for these two candidates to argue that they are not part of the establishment when one is a ruthless career politician and the other sits on a gold throne in a tower made out of gold.

A big part of the problem is, again, the media. People have a hunger for fresh solutions and ideas regarding society and the US mainstream media is going out of its way to shut down any debate. The world has never gotten so warm so quickly and yet, in the States, they still debate whether this is happening or not. Why? Because the people owning the media will lose out on money. There seems to be a regression taking place in America.  What else could you call the building of a full-scale model of Noah’s Arc costing $100 million by Ken Ham? Think of how many people with genuine needs and concerns that money could have helped. Not very Christian, is it? Also, if the Arc was in the sea the structure would be torn apart by the waves. Science tells us that. Ham and the Answers in Genesis aren’t troubled by such things as science and empirical evidence.

Along came Vermin Supreme

The people have been lied to so many times that they are creating their own version of reality. It is for this reason that a little heard of candidate on this side of the world is probably the most representative of American society right now. Vermin Supreme. This candidate has been described as somebody who makes a mockery of the system. I think successive Clintons and Bushes and Trump have already done that.

Despite wearing a boot on his head and throwing glitter at his opponents, “after Jesus told me to do so”, he makes some good points. He is described as a comedian and performance artist, but in a sense he is a political scientist. Take this quote for example; “Of course, I believe I paved the way for Donald Trump. I’ve brought ridiculousness into politics and he saw an opening and jumped on in there.” You really get a sense of how ridiculous politics is and how politicians are the more you listen to him. He said he, like other politicians, will make promises to his constituents, but has no intention of keeping them. Sound familiar?

He has promised free ponies for all to “stop American dependence on foreign oil. The ponies will also produce methane gas.” Sounds better than invading Iraq I would say. He won’t have to raise taxes as the ponies are free. Also part of his energy policy, he is going to get energy from zombies by using the latest in hamster wheel technology. He is also looking into investing in time travel technology and wants to go back in time and kill Hitler. He also said he will defeat ISIS using the same strategy.

I find his toothbrush policy really inspiring and this was the clincher for me. “Gingivitis has been eroding the gumline of this great nation for long enough and it must be stopped. For too long, this great country has been suffering a great moral and oral decay. In spirit and incisors. A country’s future depends on its ability to bite back. We can no longer be a nation that is indentured. Our very salivation is at stake.” I find this makes more sense than “Yes We Can.” Yes, we can what? He also berates a couple of Trump supporters for using his Make America Great Again slogan by saying “these people don’t think America is great”. It does bring focus to that slogan. Will America be great when all the Muslims and Latinos are gone?

Politicians are increasingly resorting to meaningless phrases in order to connect with a populous they share nothing in common with and see them as increasingly out of touch. In this environment, the only person to vote for is Vermin Supreme, the man that sees America’s moral and dental decline for what it is.

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