Election Editorial, Part Two; Hillary Clinton

By Patrick Brogan

Much has been written on Hillary Rodham Clinton, so not much more can be added. This is supposed to be a brief overview of her life and career so far.

The Early Years


I watched an interesting programme about the two main presidential candidates the other night on RTE. It was fascinating to look at the impact their early lives have had on their campaigns. Especially Hillary Rodham’s. This documentary, along with Carl Berstein’s “A Woman in Charge”, excerpt here, are musts if you want to understand  some of the driving forces behind one of the world’s most influential women.

Her parents were austere, not showing their children much love. Indeed, this was a practice her mother was subjected to as a child as well. Her mother was born to a couple of sixteen-year-olds who did not want her. Hillary’s father was very severe and nothing she did ever impressed him. Over time, she learned to withdraw and became very secretive, a trait retained even to this day. Before that though, she did everything in her power to get his praise. It never came. It left a deep scare not easily healed.

That Old Time Religion

I was never aware of her deep faith until reading Bernstein’s excerpt. In times of despair, and there have been many of those, she always turned to scripture and prayer. I am surprised that she doesn’t make a bigger deal about this given the Christianity of America. Again, this may go back to her need for privacy. Her relationship with Jesus is too personal to put out there, even if it meant more Americans could relate to her. Her religion is her foundation stone. Nearly every aspect of her life stems from this.


Hearing Martin Luther King for the first time had a big impact on the young Hillary. She was inspired by the man who had absolute conviction in his belief and his willingness to do right by people. Hillary Rodham decided she wanted to do the same. She went off to study law at Wellesley College as she felt this was a good profession to help people. Martin Luther King’s death had a profound impact on her. She was still raw over the assassination and at her graduation she criticised the politics of the past and said it was on her generation go make the impossible possible. Her speech brought her to the attention of the American public for the first time as the media caught hold of the speech. She seemed to enjoy the fame.

From there, she moved on to Yale University. It is here she met the charming William Jefferson Clinton. At this time, she gravitated towards the Democratic Party, even though she was immersed in Republican qualities as a child through her parents and growing up in a conservative neighbourhood. When away from her hometown, Hillary was exposed to new ideas that flew in the face of what she learned growing up. Always, religion was there for her.


Is Hillary the face of feminism?

The Law

Hillary became very independent during this period. Many of her ideas and ideology reflected the feminist movement of the time, even if she represented her views in a more informal way. She would later suffer because of this independent streak. During her legal career, she was part of the Watergate investigation. A number of alt-right commentators and conspiracy theorists have erroneously claimed that Clinton was barred from working as a lawyer. False claims go back to Jeffrey Zeifman. He said in his book ,”Hillary’s Pursuit of Power”, that he fired Hillary for being a “liar” and “unethical”. This has since been disproven. He also made the claim that she, along with a few others, wanted to let Richard Nixon off the hook because it would give Ted Kennedy a better chance of becoming president. Hillary Clinton was on the lowest rung of the ladder in this investigation, so it is close to impossible to imagine her with having enough influence to let tricky Dicky walk away. Zeifman was clearly drumming up publicity.

Another often given example of how unscrupulous Clinton can be is her defense of Thomas Alfred Taylor after he was accused of raping Kathy Shelton. Shelton was 12-years-old at the time so obviously it is quite an emotive issue. Hillary claims she didn’t want to represent him. He is entitled to legal representation, regardless of the alleged crime. So, it was up to Hillary to provide this. Some of the details of the case are horrific. The gist of it is that this young girl was savagely raped and beaten. Then some of the forensic evidence was dismissed and Clinton had the girl’s character questioned and even brought up the notion that she sought out the attention of older men. The classic she was asking for it excuse. Taylor served less than a year in prison. Later, an interview was released in which Clinton laughs about Taylor passing a lie detector test. More details can be found in this Daily Mail article.

Is this a woman that always represented the issues of women? Kathy Shelton certainly doesn’t think so, but given the nature of this case, Hillary Clinton was on a hiding to nothing. When she laughed during the interview, I think that was more a case of near incredulity at the nature of lie detector tests rather laughing at what Kathy Shelton had to endure. Snopes has an article that is much more balanced than a lot of what is out there for those interested in more reading on the subject.


How many of Hillary Rodham Clinton's supporters and the media see her

The First But Not The Only Lady

The Politician’s Wife

Hillary married Bill Clinton sometime after leaving Yale and moved down south to Arkansas. She retained her maiden name and kept her hippyish, aloof nature which did not enamour her to the locals. Her early Arkansas years were uneasy for her. When Bill lost his re-election as Governor of Arkansas, she held herself personally to blame. She, not for the first time, was not shown love. It took her a while to get over this. Later, she changed her clothing, took the Clinton name and even developed a Southern drawl just to get acceptance from the people. The chameleon had changed again.

The First Lady

Her time here was no stroll in the park either. During her stay in the White House, her husband appointed her as head of the Task Force on National Health Reform. This achieved very little and never got a Bill passed and was then shelved. Also during the Clinton administration, the Whitewater controversy broke.  The short version of the story is this;  the Clinton’s invested in property and used their positions to influence a number of decisions involving financing the investment. More details can be found here.

As part of the investigation, extensive background research was done on the then president. What came to light was troubling to the American people, but it was harder on his wife than anybody else. For a woman that loves her privacy, it must have been unbearable that everyone was dissecting her marriage and questioning her role as a wife.

Gennifer Flowers came forward and claimed herself and Bill had been lovers for years, not just a brief fling. Then there was Monica Lewinsky. It was further humiliation for Hillary Clinton. Yet another rejection from a man she loved. She publically stood by him, but behind closed doors, their marriage was in turmoil. More and more women came forward. Even to this day, the gossip about Bill’s supposed dalliances continues. In leaked emails, Colin Powell described Bill Clinton as “still dicking bimbos at home.” Then there is his association with convicted sexual offender Jeffrey Epstein which we covered in a previous article. Given both of their track records, it’s only natural to be cynical about what they did in each others’ company. The media has been mainly silent on the matter.

This is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, if Hillary Clinton is claiming she represents women’s’ values it seems a bit hypocritical of her to stand back and watch her husband have numerous affairs. Then there are allegations that she went out of her way to silence some of these women. If Clinton does win, what role will the former president have? He will have an influence on policy, but to what degree is uncertain. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Bill.


I was running out of images at this stage


Wikileaks has dominated the coverage of the election. We can question Assange’s motivations behind some of the leaks. He seems to be engaged in a vendetta against the Clintons and vice versa. The way some of the leaks have been framed is clear they are trying to be shown in the worst possible light. Claims Hillary Clinton is involved in satanic black masses is stretching Wikileaks’s credibility.  They have gotten into a war they could not win and it should be interesting to see what happens to Assange if Hillary gets back into the White House. She may get her wish of droning him after all.

Looking Julian Assange’s motivation detracts from what is contained in the emails somewhat, something the Clinton camp is very happy with. When the DNC emails were released, straight away the Democrats tried successfully make the Russians the story. This took away from the heinous tampering of the democratic process. How Hillary Clinton is still allowed run on the Democratic ticket baffles me after her clear breach of protocol and her disdain for the American people. If Donald Trump wasn’t the Republican nomination, we may have had a very different outcome to what is happening now. Also, even if the Russians are behind the leaks, which I’m not sure they are, it is quite reckless to accuse them of this without offering any evidence.

Double Standards

What has come from the Wikileaks emails has been the contrast to what Hillary Clinton is saying in private and what she tells the public. She told a room full of bankers that this is her exact intention. One public policy and another contradictory one in private.

Another troubling development was that many people close to her are aware that America’s allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding Daesh. How are the American public meant to trust her as commander-in-chief?

Private Server

Much has also been made of Hillary Clinton’s private server and how she could have potentially put American lives at risk. In our article on Donald trump, we showed various examples of how the media have double standards on reporting Clinton stories. It would appear this is a trait of the FBI too. A naval reservist named Bryan Nishimura was arrested and sentenced to probation for having classified files on a device and taking it off his base. The FBI said there was no malicious intent. In both cases “there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information”, yet what Hillary Clinton did was far worse and she got off the hook.


Is this the real Hillary?



There have always been rumours surrounding the Clintons. This is understandable, given that they have established a political dynasty. People are becoming more and more distrustful of politicians, so these rumours are received by a growing audience. The lines between the fiction and truth have become increasingly blurred over the years. Some of the rumours include the Clintons being extravagantly wealthy through influencing political decisions that would benefit them financially — if the documentary film and book “Clinton Cash” are to be believed this might actually be true –, various allegations of sexual misconduct, and it’s not just Bill either, and Hillary Clinton being an alcoholic hence her recent ill health.

The Clinton Body Count

This theory is that the Clintons have killed a number of people that stood in their way of power. The numbers vary wildly depending on who’s telling, sometimes it’s around a score and some put it in the hundreds. Many of them have very few links to the Clintons, if any at all. Others are lacking any sort of motivation. Organisations like Snopes are very dismissive of any notion of a Clinton Body Bags story. They point to things like the Clintons would have a wider circle of people they have been in contact with over the years than a normal person would. This naturally would increase the likelihood of them knowing people that have been murdered. Linda Thompson, with whom the theory originated, may have had a political axe to grind. Then, they point to the likes of Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones who very damaging to Clinton aspirations still being alive. I’m not saying there is a Clinton body count, but I would not be so dismissive.

Firstly, we must consider that a lot of conspiracy theory has become fact. Hitler’s plot to burn down the Reichstag, the Business Plot to overthrow the American government just to name a few. Then if we consider the fact the CIA came up with Operation Northwood which involved carrying out a terrorist attack, like blowing up an airplane, and then blaming it on the Cubans so they could invade the island. So, American institutions are not averse to the idea of carrying out attacks on their own people to achieve their political goals. So, it is not prudent to dismiss stories because there is a lack of evidence because sometimes that has to be sought rather than it presenting itself. 

Lewinsky, Flowers and Jones were big news. If they went missing after these stories broke then that would really be suspicious. If you were going to kill someone with harmful information would it not be more beneficial to kill them before they went to the press or authorities? Of course it would. And it is important to point out that Kathleen Willey said she was repeatedly threatened before giving evidence in the the Paula Jones case. Willey and Jones are often accused of being on the Trump bandwagon and ridiculed because of their support of right-wing groups, as if this somehow proves they’re lying. These allegations date back to when Bill was president and some go back further. Them supporting Trump because the Clintons ruined their lives has a degree of consistency to it. It doesn’t matter who beats Hillary in the election, her not getting over the line is vital to these women.

The story of the McDougals makes for interesting reading. James and Susan McDougal were business partners of the Clintons at the time of the Whitewater deal. James is on the body count because he died of a heart attack in prison. It doesn’t sound too suspicious on its own, does it? But some of the details surrounding the McDougals are fascinating. James McDougal was imprisoned for fraud. It’s not totally outside of the realms of possibility that James was murdered in solitary confinement because he knew too much about the Clintons and may have been looking at giving out this information to reduce his sentence. Remember, the Clintons studied and practiced law, so they would potentially  have information about this before it became official. I am of course adding my own hearsay, but this isn’t totally impossible.

What we do know is that Susan was arrested and served a short prison sentence for refusing to answer questions about the Clintons. She never said that they didn’t do anything wrong, she just plainly refused to answer certain questions about the First Couple. Then, on Bill Clinton’s last day in office, he gave Susan McDougal a presidential pardon, along with his brother. All of this is very fishy. There is no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the Clintons, but the fact that the McDougals, their business partners, were awash with corruption and illegal activity should be enough to raise suspicions.

Is Hillary Clinton Capable of Murder?

Well, there is no doubt she has been involved in a lot of death. She voted for the war in Iraq. She was heavily involved in the war in Libya. She seemed to revel in the death of Muammar Gaddafi, which I personally find in bad taste.  She is ratcheting up tension with Russia. Who knows what this will lead to? And each of these has been handled extremely badly. It would seem she doesn’t really have a problem with people dying, but is she capable of cold-blooded murder? There doesn’t seem to much evidence either way. Innocent until proven guilty.

An important issue is this, she has done enough shady things in the past for plenty of people to believe she is capable of carrying out these deeds.  And with the media firmly backing her, the internet has gone into overdrive producing these theories because genuine concerns are not being addressed by the mainstream media.

Who is She?

It is difficult to tell. She has flip-flopped on policy and even her personal traits. It seems she believes whatever will make the audience accept her. Earlier, I mentioned a programme where Donald Trump was humiliated in front the entire nation by Barack Obama. This is public mockery was given as a motivation for Donald Trump starting his campaign and Hillary’s is a similar story. For her, humiliation was a daily occurrence at the hands of her parents. They never accepted her for her own identity. They tried to make her into something else.

Sometimes, I think she is so driven to be accepted that she loses track of her own identity. Does Hillary Clinton know who she really is? I honestly don’t think so. And it is this chameleon-like behaviour that makes a lot of Americans distrust her. She can’t seem to be pinned down on anything solid. How can you trust anybody that won’t make a stand?

Herself and Bill have taken a course of doing whatever best suits their political ambitions. And sometimes this has meant screwing over the little guy. And this is where all the crazy conspiracy stuff comes from. There are legitimate reasons to highlight the negative behaviour the Clintons have taken part in, but the media chooses to skip over it. It seems they are never brought to account for their malpractice. So to vent, detractors hit the web and it spirals from there.

Hillary in Power

She understands the system and would be less erratic than Trump. I do have my doubts about her ability to deal with adverse events that are outside of her control. Benghazi, for example. I believe it is this will to be liked that stalls any decision making in her head. She wants to impress the people, particularly the ‘right people’. Interestingly, this will to be liked makes her dependent on people. To someone as independent as Hillary, this is a huge inconvenience. She hates the people for taking away her independence and yet needs their never ending approval. What bigger popularity contest and ultimate symbol of acceptance is there than the US presidential election? She values her privacy as well. This will go out the window if elected.

There are too many things going on in her head. There is no clarity of decision, just overwhelming ambition. For this reason, I think she will not be remembered as one of the greats. Will it be a disaster? No, certainly not, but she has to tone down the rhetoric with Russia. If this happens, we may just avoid the apocalypse people have predicted. And maybe she will find peace if elected president and the rest of the world will follow.


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