Good Luck America

by Rhian Gibson

Donald Trump; a man of flawless tan coverage, an impeccable mountain of silky blonde hair and a smile that a God would be envious of has been elected the 45th president of the United States. Who was I talking about again?

He’s a man with no political background; a businessman who has been shown in the news to be a chauvinistic pig with no respect for women or the disabled. So why exactly this man was voted President and soon to be fascist dictator of America is beyond me. Was he really the lesser of two evils? Was he voted for by a sea of angry upper-class white men and anti-abortionist activists?

Who Voted For Him?

When looking at the polls, you can see that 53% of white women did in fact vote for Trump. Maybe it’s because women voters couldn’t care less about claims of sexual assault, or audio footage of Trump talking about a woman like she is a piece of meat (ten years or ten minutes ago; that’s not the point) or even video footage of him mocking a disabled reporter at a rally. Or maybe it’s because there is no place for feminism in a political election and women voters will betray their sisters in a heartbeat when it comes to electing the leader of the ‘free world’.

Donald Trump and his please-don’t-have-me-shot-good-looks is a man who doesn’t believe in climate change. He believes it’s a hoax. This is a man who will have the nuclear weapon codes and will represent a super power at the United Nations. I might as well finish the article here because I’m really struggling with not ranting on about that one. But I’ll do my best to move on.

He is a man who has recently come under fire in the media by an onslaught of sexual assault claims; from Jessica Leeds who alleges that he assaulted her on a flight in the 1980’s to a former contestant on “The Apprentice”; Summer Zervos, who states “He then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again very aggressively and placed his hand on my breast”.
Since the beginning of the election, Trump has spoken about his obsession with building walls. His plan is to build a great wall on the southern border between the US and Mexico; a wall built by the Mexicans for the Mexicans? But how much would this cost to make? “A study by the Washington Post estimated the cost of Mr. Trump’s wall would be closer to $25 billion”, this is according to a BBC news article. But don’t worry; it’s not American taxpayers who are meant to fork out their hard earned cash but the Mexicans themselves; the same people that Trump called “rapists” and “criminals”.

The Future

The people of the United States have voted in Donald Trump to be the president of their country and even though there are so many things that are blatantly despicable about this non-gentleman, perhaps he will do a better job than his predecessor? Hopefully he will prove to be just what the US needs right now and he will make “America great again”, let’s pray that the American people truly voted for a better future and not just for a man who will say anything to stir up emotions and act more like a reality television star than a president.

Either that or he will spend the next while in office working towards this better future for his people and it will come to light that he only said these things and acted this way during the election in order to get into the White House in the first place and he truly wants great things for his country. Or was it just a billionaire’s boredom?

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