Report Must Force Us to Question the Very Notion of Taxation

By Patrick Brogan

A recent report found that Ireland was the 6th in a list of the World’s Worst Tax Havens. Given that most of the international headlines about Ireland this year focused on the Apple tax ruling, it isn’t much of a surprise. Is it time to question the very nature of tax.


Oxfam conducted this research because tax dodging denies developing nations over $100 billion annually. In countries devasted by poverty, this could revolutionise the way the inhabitants live theirs lives. Overnight, food and water quality, healthcare, education and infrastructure could be massively improved. It is for this reason that Oxfam is calling upon Irish citizens to sign a petition that calls for an improvement in the Irish tax system. Would it not be better off for society if all tax was abolished?

Taxation is Theft

Most people will ask, how will Government pay for services? Who will build the roads? Before this is answered, it is important to look at what tax is. Tax is essentially the payment sovereign states pay to banks, usually a central bank, on loans they took out. Tax is not the money that pays for the infrastructure within a country, it is the payment of the loan agreed upon, a loan taken out to build these projects.

If we continue this line of questioning, the obvious place to go to next is money itself. What is money and who creates it? Most people believe a country creates its own money. If this were the case, why then do countries go through economic downturns and then require bailouts? Surely the Government could just create the money it owes. And then consider, if the Government was creating its own money, how then does it owe money?

The reality is banks create money. Central banks to be more specific. Central Banks are usually privately owned. By whom it is difficult to find out. The European Central Bank (ECB) is run by the National Central Banks (NCBs), officially, unofficially it is run by unelected bureaucrats. On numerous occasions, I have sought to get an answer to who owns the Irish Central Bank and I’ve never got a straight answer. In one email I was told it was the people of Ireland. Nice try. It is in this lack of accountability and transparency where conspiracies thrive. One name always comes up when searching for the people running the central banking system; Rothschild.

Whether the Rothschild family run the banking system is impossible to confirm or not without the relevant documents. However, if is true or not is almost irrelevant. Somebody is running the show and they are not being held accountable. This is important because while it is ideas and hard work and talent that drive an economy forward, it is money that gives these concepts and attributes value. So, imagine if the person who controls the money and the almost unlimited power they would have. If you are in control of the money you are also in control of how that money is spent. No wonder bankers are so arrogant.


Mikhail Bakunin; the father of collectivist anarchism. Anarchists are op-posed to centralised power

Money has so much influence in our lives, yet, so few question it. With anything that generates power, we should question it. And bankers do have all the power, we have seen this. The banks received huge bailouts at the expense of the taxpayer, the bankers still received their huge bonuses while the rest of us suffered. Then people turn to Syrian refugees, people with nothing, and claim them as the source of our economic woes? We don’t need the conspiracy theorists to tell us of a global elite, we have ample evidence every time we see the news.

I’m not proposing a brand of politics or ideology that will fix the world, I don’t believe one exists. I am not asking people to single out a particular group to be held accountable. What I do propose for anybody reading this article is to question the nature of money. Question the nature of taxation. Don’t take my word for it. Look at all the injustice and inequality in the world and ask where does this come from, how is it possible?

Anybody willing to look at this further, this video is as good a place as any to start and take it from there.


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