Press and Politicians Should Temper Criticism of Trump for Now

By Shane Flanagan

It’s been a bumpy start in the presidency for Trump, although perhaps not bumpy as some would have us believe. Certain segments of the press and political class have been so censorious of the President that they are going to have the unintended effect of setting a very low bar of success from which Trump may actually succeed from. In other areas, some criticism of Trump has just been simply irrational. The President’s “Muslim ban” was certainly badly handled, but I suspect that it is not the watershed moment that those on the Left believe it to be. Also, the criticisms directed at the commander and chief for apparently questioning the idea of American exceptionalism is laughable for anyone remotely aware of American governmental policies, both foreign and domestic.


It’s clear that those on the Left don’t like Trump, and the establishment of the right resent him. Not all their scorn is misdirected, yet those seeking to be immediately opposed to Trump may find that such an aggressive stance will not sit well with the American public who after all just elected him to the highest office in the States. These loosely affiliated enemies of the White House are making the same mistake which the Republicans made in causing the Government shutdown in 1995. The general public often has a greater sense of sportsmanship than their political representatives. And lest we forget that, according to polling, most Americans actually supported the President’s actions. I’m not suggesting a honeymoon period for the new incumbent but a more calculated approach to dealing the demagogue/ superstar. Trump himself thrives on conflict and there are few better in the arena of political fallouts than him. Would it not be more prudent to let Trump dig his own grave over time instead of relying on the white noise of criticism to eventually engulf him?

The US Public

Whether or not the American electorate has made a mistake in electing the billionaire remains to be seen, but what is clear from history is that public doesn’t often like to admit they have made a mistake regarding such matters. It didn’t take a soothsayer in 2004 to see that Bush Jr was a wrong ’un but they still elected him instead of Kerry to cause even more damage. Some of Trump’s actions have also not been as bad as many have suggested. Yes, the “Muslim ban” was crass but was it really the issue that many have made it out to be? Did those who march in London also march about the gang rapes which the British Labour Party colluded to cover up in Rotherham? Or march against the heinous actions of the Catholic Church in Ireland (Or anywhere else for that matter)? I also believe it is dubious that such an action can be stopped by the judiciary, perhaps it is right, but few people have the same intelligence briefings that the President does.

Foreign Affairs

Much has also been made of a mission authorised by the President in Yemen which resulted in the death of civilians including an eight-year-old girl, named Nawar Al-Awlaki and Navy Seal William Ryan Owens. Obviously, such an occurrence is tragic, yet the framing of the story in being an attack on the President in particular is troubling as is also the publication of a picture of the innocent child. It is right that we should see the face of such a tragedy, but if one has a moral objection to the actions of the US military than one must by definition be opposed to large amounts of American foreign policy for the past fifty years. Such actions are not unique to the Trump presidency and the shifting of the death of innocent civilians from being viewed as “collateral damage” to suddenly becoming “victims” is simply human bias. One cannot simply just take against Trump over the death of an innocent child when they were previously apathetic about such matters under a different administration.

End Game

From all that has been written about this presidency, the one thing that has been the least touched upon is the possibility that in some ways Trump might actually be successful. This is something that we should be prepared for and covering the White House in a scathing manner will only help the President if he shall come good in some areas. The Democrats and media must be fair, and if not fair be at least calculated. This is not because I am a great fan of the administration, it is because that Trump could be a danger to the security and well-being of the world at large. His deregulation of Wall Street and unwillingness to listen to scientific fact could yet wreak havoc, and if that is the case then the Left are going to need every advantage they can get in the next Presidential race. Remember this the country that elected Bush Jr twice. In America anything really is possible.


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