#Todays3 27.3.17

Given the recent passing of David Rockefeller, many media outlets have lavished praise on the scion of one of America’s most influential families. It is important to remind ourselves, his life was not all sweetness and light and some of the ideas he supported and pushed are dangerous, particularly towards the poorer in society. Although his numerous charitable causes were repeatedly referenced, there is ample evidence to suggest these were just a front while more a sinister agenda was pursued. Here are three examples that people need to familiarise themselves with to get an image of the real Rockefellers.

-1) The New World Order is usually described as the realms of conspiracy theory, but Rockefeller himself has made reference to this plenty of times in the past as something he supports, as reported in Collective Evolution;



-2) A baby-faced James Corbett talks about some of the reasons why a protestor in Chile might want to challenge David Rockefeller;


-3) Again, we have James Corbett of the Corbett Report on how the Rockefeller family came to prominence in his excellent documentary on ‘Big Oil’;



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