US Airstrikes in Syria

By Patrick Brogan

Tragically, and perhaps inevitably, it has begun. The US launched airstrikes into Syria last night. And gone with it is the one hope I had of a Donald Trump presidency. The only tangible advantage or positive he had over rival Hillary Clinton was he would be an isolationist president and there may be a bit more peace in the world. Not so.

Not only will this bring more misery on the millions of Syrians already impacted by this war, it will also make relations between the US and Russia much worse, not that they were in a great place to begin with.

What is the reason this is happening? We are told that it is to stop the use of sarin gas. Let us not forget that the rebels used sarin, too. The real reason is oil. Syria forms part what is known as Pipelineistan. There is a purposed oil line from Qatar to Turkey. This will undermine Russia’s energy monopoly over Europe. This is why all the major powers are jostling for supremacy here.

Let’s be clear, no good will come of these bombings. America and the EU make come closer to getting their pipeline, but at what cost? The Western powers have totally destabilised the region. Part of the pretext for invading these countries was the spread of democracy. Bullshit. It’s all about oil and it always has been.


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