Christian Copts Targeted in ISIS Attack

By Patrick Brogan

By now, most of you will be aware of the terrorist attacks directed at Egypt’s Coptic community over the weekend. 44 innocent people were brutally murdered in Tanta, Northern Egypt. The Christian Coptic community has long been the target of barbaric attacks carried out by Islamic fundamentalists.

Egypt is seen as an important domino by the West. If Egypt should fall prey and be overrun by ISIS it may cause other neighbouring countries to fall. At times like this, it is too easy to look at such atrocities through the wider geopolitical spectrum. For instance, will be Trump’s bombing of Syria make the situation worse? If the West is opposed to Islamic fundamentalism, why then, does it ally itself to Saudi Arabia, the country that funds the spread of Wahabism? Can Egypt, with its faltering economy, withstand such reckless terror?

For the families of those involved, this isn’t really important now. They have just had their kin ripped away from them. No notice. No last goodbyes. Just death, violent and unfair. It is vital the media acknowledges this rather than using these human beings as statistics and using the attack as an operation in political points scoring. That’s what politicians are there for after all.

This bombing should bring people together all over the world. Race, religion and colour are not important. If you feel this a barrier, ISIS have achieved their goals. Don’t let hate win.


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