Ireland’s Property Crisis

By Patrick Brogan

Ireland’s property crisis has rumbled on for over a decade now. The media offers very little as an alternative. Some rightly point out there are a number of vacant houses around. Surely, when people have died outside of the nation’s parliament there would be a push to get people off the street. No. In fact, the opposite has happened. When some citizens decided to act out of their volition, the Government and media did their best to shut them down. If we are being honest, the Government doesn’t give a fuck about homeless people or people struggling to get houses or those being swallowed up by mortgages. Is there an alternative?

Yes, there always is. An approach I would eventually like to take is cob building. This is a house made of clay, straw and water. You can add dung if you like, but I won’t be doing that. Cob building is very affordable. A small piece of land and the materials are all that is really required. Much cheaper than a mortgage. Plus, there is the added element of designing and building it yourself. This is not a difficult art to master. I do suggest a few dummy runs first, though. If this is something that interests you, the good people at The Hollies run courses. I attended one a few years back and they are fascinating and fun.

There are many other alternatives. Hive houses for example. Indeed, in the States, there is a huge demand for new ways of living, and downsizing is becoming popular. Everybody should be looking for alternative forms of housing. Haven’t we given the banks enough money already?


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