Is This All a Ploy to Get Bus Éireann Fully Privatised?

By Patrick Brogan

As the Bus Éireann strike enters its 18th day, it takes a number of its grievances to the Labour Court. Perhaps this should have been done sooner, and the strike may have been avoided. But is Bus Éireann being duped?

I can’t help but feel that this is all playing into the hands of the Thatcherites in Leinster House. Is this a push to get CIÉ fully privatised. I think it is. Look at how much of our nation has been privatised. They tried to give forests away for Christ’s sake. All to please foreign banks.

The Government, even though it is part of the makeup of Bus Éireann, has sought to undermine the actions of the workers. The media, too. The Government has long distanced itself from providing decent services for the people of this country and any acceptable standard of living. All in the name of unrelenting globalisation. As we have seen, this has many drawbacks. And the Bus Éireann is strike is just another example.


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