Fianna Fáil Stance on Water is Dubious

By Patrick Brogan

Nobody could ever accuse Fianna Fáil of trying to have it both ways. Actually. No, sorry. It was Nelson Mandela I was thinking about there. Fianna Fáil‘s stance on water charges seems to be a party looking to have the best of both worlds. It looks like they saved the country from the dreaded water charges, but with the installation of water metres and the charging of the top 8% of water users in the country, it opens up the possibility of everybody paying for the resource down the road.

Barry Cowen, now of the party’s senior figures, was asked if this was a climbdown by his party. He disagreed and said most of the country will now be free from water charges. He then went on to say he didn’t care too much about the spin, his party fulfilled its commitment. Commitment to who exactly? Fianna Fáil got the ball rolling on austerity. People have not forgotten this. Actually, it was the Cowen family.

Fianna Fáil could have done much about preventing austerity when they were in power. They excaberbated the problem. The main parties in this country have repeatedly let the people. Why do we listen to them still? Bring on the next election.


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