Brexit as an Excuse to Erode Workers’ Rights

By Patrick Brogan

Siptu issued a statement saying it would fight any proposals of an attack on its members’ pay and conditions with Brexit being used as an excuse. Should this happen, and that is always a possibility, it would continue a long line of political acts reducing the standard of living for the more vulnerable in society.

There are fears in Britain and beyond amongst human rights advocates and lawyers that the civil rights of British people will be badly impacted by Britain leaving the EU. Britain will be turning its back on the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Instead, Theresa May will be bringing in a Bill of Rights, possibly free of any influence by international experts in the field. This goes along with her dreaded “snoopers’ charter”, the Drafts Communication Data Bill that will make it much easier for the Government to view what was previously private information. 1984 af.

This along TTIP and CETA. Both are reviled by unions. These trans-Atlantic trade deals, we are told, will take away workers’ right in a harmful and dramatic fashion. In this country, the recession was used as an excuse to justify shafting the poorest in society repeatedly. No doubt Brexit will also be used in a similar way. Our response will define us as a nation for decades to come.


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