The North Korean Threat

By Patrick Brogan

Remember all those countries North Korea invaded? It’s a long list. Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia… sorry, that’s America, isn’t it? Of the dozen or so nations that have or had nuclear capability, it is only the US that has used them in war, officially. Many point out that the use of these weapons ended the Second World War. Did they need to kill 200,000 people to do so? And that’s a conservative estimate.

North Korea are a threat only because they don’t toe the line. This is no endorsement of the regime there. It is an appalling example of human rights abuses. But, it’s not for that reason America want rid of them. Or nuclear weapons neither. There are plenty of other nations that look like they would happily obliterate their enemies with this type of weapons capability. India and Pakistan being the obvious example.

Since Donald Trump took over The White House, he has been very eager to flex is military muscle. Syria was the target, now it’s Afghanistan, no wait, it’s Korea. Are the Americans just randomly picking on nations at this stage? There is no point pretending this is about bringing down an oppressive dictator. We saw Erdogan take a step closer to that in Turkey yesterday and the Americans didn’t criticise him. We saw other regimes torn down, only to be replaced by radical elements.  No, the West is happy to support oppressive regimes when it is in their interests. North Korea don’t kowtow to the imperialist US, for this reason, the Americans want to invade.


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