Why Turkish Referendum Result Benefits the West

By Patrick Brogan

Where is all the international condemnation? Recep Erdogan tightened his grip on the Turkish nation when winning a referendum last night. The referendum put the question of giving Mr Erdogan more powers, including the power to appoint ministers, dissolve parliament and call a state of emergency, to the Turkish people. The Yes side won by a narrow margin; 51.2%.

The Erdogan administration survived a military coup as late as July of last year. Clearly, there is a feeling he should be toppled amongst a big part of the population. Then there is the Kurds who want their own nation, independent of Ankara influence. The opposition parties are unhappy with the result. Before all the votes were counted, they accused the the ruling AK Party of rigging the election.

This result will also extend his rule over Turkey until 2029. If another nation took such measures they would be correctly criticised by the Western media. So, why are they so quiet? Turkey is an ally of the West. The EU wants it as a member. As a NATO member, it keeps the Russians in check in the Black Sea. There is also an important oil line going from Qatar through to Turkey that will lessen Europe’s dependence on Russia for energy.

The West will benefit with a dictator in strategically important Turkey. So, the Turkish people and the Kurds will have to endure him. The West needs to be satisfied.

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