Where does Northern Ireland Stand?

By Patrick Brogan

Where does Northern Ireland stand within Theresa May’s plans? Her announcement of a General Election comes at a bad time for those negotiating in Stormont. Negotiations have been continuing since early March, and an agreement might be some way off yet.

The last thing the Assembly needs is for the parties to now fight each other in a General Election. Part of the impasse, is what happens after Britain leaves the EU. Will there be a “hard border”? This could lead to a return to violence, many fear.

It would appear May is a bit nonchalant about this. Northern Ireland does not seem to be part of her priorities. The reality is, this stance could force Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom. Scotland might be heading the same way. The United Kingdom in name only perhaps. The question of the north of England must also be addressed. For too long it has been the outcast and overlooked.

Many people in Northern Ireland are finding the prospect of joining with the Republic more appealing than it had been in years gone by.  A peaceful society within the wider European Union is what a lot of people want and to be annexed into the “Free State” certainly makes that a possibility.


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