Target the Bankers

By Patrick Brogan

Leo Varadkar has warned us to be vigilant and out suspected social welfare spongers. Rat them out. This call to action is hard to take seriously when Jonathan Sugarman recently testified in front of a Dáil committee about banking fraud.

Minister Vardakar did bring up some important points. He said; “Nothing upsets people more than someone else cheating the system at their expense.” Very true. He also claimed that such investigations saved the Irish taxpayer €500 million last year. What about the bankers and their bailouts?

Many people on this island are struggling. In a lot of cases, people are starving because they haven’t the money to fed themselves. In these scenarios, it is hard to be critical of such people. Nearly everybody would react the same way. What Vardakar should be addressing is the causes of such crimes, ie disastrous economic policies.

Until that happens, people will keep scamming the system out of necessity. This is a classic case of dividing people so the rich remain rich and nobody asks questions of them. It’s time to get this lot out of office.


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