Bill O’Reilly; Too Costly to Keep

By Patrick Brogan

Fox have announced Bill O’Reilly will not be returning following allegations of sexual misconduct. Earlier this month Wendy Walsh accused O’Reilly of sexual intimidation. It turns out, that Fox had stood by O’Reilly during a number of sexual harassment cases over the years, totalling $13 million in costs, as reported in New York Times.

21st Century Fox issued a statement saying they would not stand over an atmosphere of women being subjected to harassment. But they did. For years. They probably would have continued to do so were it not for The Times article. The fallout from that was many of O’Reilly’s advertisers pulled out causing the company millions. This comes at a time when what happened with Roger Ailes is still fresh in the memory. The former Fox News CEO was forced to walk after numerous women came forward with sexual harassment allegations, including star host Megyn Kelly.

Reports suggest that Rupert Murdoch wanted O’Reily to stay, but was out-voted by his two sons, James and Lachlan. A few commentators are suggesting this is the start of a power struggle for Fox, but the reality is much will stay the same. It just became too costly to keep O’Reilly around.

Fox was set-up as an alternative to the ‘liberal’ US media at the time. Bill O’Reilly’s shouty style fit right in. Forgive me, but should the media not at least try to be objective? A right-wing alternative should not really be necessary. O’Reilly is loved and hated in equal messures. His detractors may rejoice, but it is highly likely he will be replaced by some other shouty white male.

Fox and particularly O’Reilly framed news to fit their agenda. Anything contradicting this was ignored. They lacked any clear objectivity. The below interview is a good example of this. Although O’Reilly brings up good points, Jon Stewart repeatedly points out he picks and chooses what to cover to fit in with their narrative. Watch it and see what you think;



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