Who Will Run the New National Maternity Hospital?

By Patrick Brogan

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to who will run the National Maternity Hospital at St. Vincents in South Dublin. Yesterday, we reported that Minster for Health, Simon Harris, said that the Sisters of Mercy will not be running the hospital, they just own the land it will be built on.

On Morning Ireland today, Peter Boylan, the former Master of Holles Street Maternity Hospital in Dublin, said the opposite. He claimed the Sisters of Mercy would be running the hospital “100 percent” and that Sr. Agnes Reynolds of the St. Vincents Healthcare Group Board said as much. She will be a shareholder and board member according to Boylan.

This needs to be cleared up. This Government are poor at communicating, whether it is by design or just their ineptitude is up for discussion. Just think back to the ongoing whistleblower saga and the conflicting reports of who knew what between Enda Kenny and Katherine Zappone. That’s just one of many examples. Harris has some explaining to do.


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