Borussia Dortmund; The Latest Victim of Economic Terrorism

By Patrick Brogan

The recent attack on the Borussia Dortmund team bus was economic terrorism, according to German police. The German soccer team were about to play Monaco at home in the Champions League quarter-final when three explosions went off.

A number of groups and people were initially suspected. Islamic extremists were ruled out, as were extreme left and right-wing groups. The police now believe the attack, which injured a policeman and player Marc Bartra, was carried out by a German-Russian international with the motive of profiting. He took part in a speculation scheme which predicted the worth of shares in Borussia Dortmund would drop.

As football becomes increasingly more geared towards finance it will be more susceptible to incidents such as these. We have seen numerous examples of betting schemes in sport. This is the next level of that.

In a sense, this is a more crude example of the betting American banks did leading into the sub-prime mortgage collapse. Banks issued people with mortgages knowing they had no way of paying them back and bet on them to fail to make the repayments.

This is what football has become now; a business. Like all businesses, it is vulnerable to economic terrorism.


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