Was Garda Killer Told to Infiltrate Real IRA?

By Patrick Brogan

These are the claims of Solicitor Paul Tiernan. He represents Adrian Crevan Mackin, the man who murdered Garda Tony Golden, injured his girlfriend Siobhan Philips and then took his own life.

Is this going to be the latest Garda scandal? There is some credence to Mr Tiernan’s claims as Mackin was never charged with possession of illegal weapons even though he admitted as much to Gardai. The Garda Watchdog has come out and said he was never a registered informer.

Gardai credibility is on the floor at the moment. Whether this has any bearing over what happened in this case remains to be seen. Is it possible was he an unregistered informer? If so, is this a common practice? We have seen other Gardai act above the law before. This organisation needs serious reform.


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  1. no…..he was crazy and was only interested in anarchy and conflict he would probably shot anyone who give him trouble.

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