Dr Peter Boylan Asked to Resign

By Patrick Brogan

Dr Peter Boylan has been asked to resign from his post on the new National Maternity Hospital Board it has emerged. Dr Nicholas Kearns asked Dr Boylan to stand down after his very public criticism of the way the new hospital will be run. Boylan felt the board had been misled in the run-up to voting on the new site.

The new maternity hospital has been increasingly controversial in recent weeks and much of this focuses on the confusion surrounding the role Catholic Church will have. Boylan has explicitly said the Sisters of Mercy will be running the institution located at St Vincent’s. Given the church’s record with women and children, it is no wonder people are concerned about their influence.

Minister for Health Simon Harris really needs to clear this up and inform the public, the people that elected him and pay his wages, as to what is actually happening. In the vacuum he created, the board members have turned on each other.

The vague and hidden nature of political planning has struck again. Once again it will be women and children that will suffer while the men play politics. And once again, someone bringing up genuine concerns, Peter Boylan, is ostracised.


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