#Todays3 26.4.17 The Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg meetings are held every year in June. They are attended by the richest and most influential on the planet. Given the secrecy surrounding the meetings, there is a lot of conjecture about what happens at these meetings. If you don’t believe that rich people don’t meet up and discuss how to become more powerful you are sadly and dangerously misled. Here’s what we know;


-1)  Here is some of the background to the Bilderberg meetings and what has come to light about what happens there;



-2) Prince Reinhard of the Netherlands was very influential in establishing the Bilderberg Group. He also was a member of Himmler’s SS.



-3) Another founding member of the Bilderberg Group was Joseph Retinger. He also helped create the European Movement which eventually became today’s European Union.




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