Grace Case Settlement Does Not Resolve HSE Flaws

By Patrick Brogan

Unfortunately, it seems we are bombarded by negative news about either healthcare or policing every day in this country. While part of me thinks it is good these wrongdoings are finally coming to light, another part wonders what is to stop these awful, — and let’s be honest– criminal, acts taking place again?

Settlements may be a way of giving the victims justice, but most victims would probably say reform is also needed so other people don’t suffer in the future is just as important. That’s what really needs to be addressed. How many scandals have we seen this year alone about healthcare?

One of the major factors is transparency. We really have little idea about the decisions politicians make when you think of it. Regarding the new maternity hospital, Minister for Health, Simon Harris, was very vague about what role the Catholic Church will play in its running, if any at all. We needed Dr Peter Boylan to set the record straight on that one. He has paid with his job. Where’s the sense of fairness in that?

Again, we only found out about the Grace case through a whistleblower. Those in power were happy to let the abuse continue. Politicians and those in high-ranking jobs in important institutions are accountable to nobody. They have shown time and again they do not serve the people they are supposed to, ie the people of Ireland. Nor will they ever do so unless the people act.

This is the problem when people don’t take an interest in current affairs. They become too easily divided and susceptible to institutional abuse because they have no idea where to turn. This is not referring solely to those in vulnerable positions, — many don’t have a voice to begin with– but also to the ordinary people who are aware such abuses are taking place. No politician will ever change that. It’s up to the people.


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