Poetry is More Important Than Ever

By Patrick Brogan

I was tempted to write this as a poem, but maybe that’s the obvious route to go. In a sense, that’s what makes poetry important. Disregarding the obvious. Poetry is of the soul, not of the head. People pay too much heed to what they are thinking, rather than stopping to pay attention to what they feel.

In an age dominated by computers, people are starting to resemble them. Logic, order, reason. No rational minded person could say these are bad features to have, but, where’s the joy, where’s the heart, where’s the soul? Surely, being part of the human experience, these are just as important. Too much emphasis is put on what is seen, what can be touched. But what about the intangible? We are complex organisms and expressing as much is vital. Sometimes we have no idea who we are. This is because we don’t explore ourselves.

This lack of self-exploration can be down to a number of factors. Lack of time, time consumed on basic needs, fear. Fear of expression. What is in my head? People are afraid to know themselves. For shame. Nobody is evil. All bad habits were learned. But bad habits do not define the person, the soul does that. And the soul’s place is in poetry.


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