Fianna Fáil Finding Out What the Rest of Us Already Knew

By Patrick Brogan

That being Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan should step down from her post. Fianna Fáil Justice Spokesperson Jim O’Callaghan said her best option now would be to depart from the top policing position in the country. This comes after mounting pressure from various sources to do just that.

O’Sullivan’s Reign of Error

Her ascent to commissionership was controversial to begin with given what was happened with the ongoing whistleblower scandal and her connections to that. She hasn’t helped matters and it seems to be one scandal after another since she took over. Penalty points, false convictions and contradictory reports on numerous issues, and what may be the final hammer blow.

While the different accounts given by O’Sullivan and Director of Human Resources John Barrett look bad on the face of it, different memories of the same event are not uncommon. What may cost her job is a financial issue. Garda Head of Internal Audit Niall Kelly believes he was lied to by top brass when they said action would be taken on a number of bizarre financial irregularities. I am deliberately quoting Father Ted as this organisation is beginning to resemble a comedy.

The financial issues regard; taking rent for land they did not own, what that rent money was subsequently spent on, the switching of funds between 50 bank accounts,  laundry money (not money laundering), and many more issues.

Nóirín O’Sullivan is the head of the organisation. While she may or may not have shown maliciousness in any of the issues is not the point at the moment. She oversaw the organisation and therefore she has to go. What her intent was, especially towards the whistleblowers — Maurice McCabe in particular–, can be investigated later. For now, for the creditability of the rank and file Gardai she claims to represent, she must stand aside. Funny how it was the financial aspect of all this that got Fianna Fáil to change their mind.


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