#Todays3 15.5.17 Fatima


This edition of #Todays3 focuses on Fatima in Portugal, or more specifically, the events that took place there on 13th May 1917. It is claimed Mary, mother of Jesus, appeared to three shepherd children. These appearances continued until the October of that year and culminated in what is described as a miracle witnessed by 70,000 people. Mary also revealed three secrets to the children that have been debated to this day.

-1) This documentary gives a good account of what happened;


-2) Some have commentated on the irony (or is it?) that this miracle took place in a town that shared a name with the Prophet Muhammed’s favourite daughter;


-3) The first two secrets revealed to the children involve the two world wars and the rise of Communism. The third was said by the Vatican to predict the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II.  However, there are many that believe Rome was not telling the truth and it was something else entirely;


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