Was Comey Just Doing His Job?

By Patrick Brogan

First, he was hated by the Democrats. Then he was sacked by a Republican president. Is all James Comey guilty of is doing his job?

Hillary Clinton and her supporters repeatedly blamed the FBI investigation into her emails and the Wikileaks release of the DNC information for her defeat in the US Presidential Election. The subsequent investigation into her email use on a private server showed she had sent or viewed 1580 emails that should have been marked classified. Whatever her motivation was or how this happened is still up for debate, but the investigation into these emails are justified, regardless of whatever way you look at it.

Then there is the Wikileaks saga. Wikileaks as far as I’m aware have never been proven wrong or discredited by impartial observers. What happened in those emails was true and the Russian story appeared to be a smokescreen by the Democrats to cover over their wrongdoings. Julian Assange has repeatedly denied the Russians were involved. There are conflicting reports that Seth Rich, a member of the DNC, had some involvement in these leaks. Some claim he was murdered because of this and it was staged as a robbery gone wrong. The mainstream media say there is no evidence of this. It’s interesting how Assange and Wikileaks offered a cash reward to anybody who had information on the murder. Just to give you a flavour of the contradictory stories surrounding Seth Rich’s murder and the motivation behind it, here is Anonews claiming the DNC had him murdered because of the leaks and the Washington Examiner saying he had nothing to do with them.

The reason I bring up all this is because the FBI and Comey were right to investigate Hillary Clinton’s email servers, it wasn’t an act of sabotage or politically motivated. And the Russian hack of the DNC leaks is still not proven, especially since nobody has presented any real evidence of this. Trump’s relationship with Russia and the American intelligence community is a very complex one. He initially questioned the American intelligence community before saying they were great and doing a good job. Then he sacks Comey. The links between Trump and Russia are long and well established. The latest Russian scandal is Trump handing over sensitive information over to the Russians about ISIS. I would say the two military superpowers coming together to defeat a fanatical Islamic terror group is a good thing. However, the Americans are deeply sceptical of Russia from the Cold War days. Then Trump made a bizarre threat about Comey having tapes of their meetings. What is he at?

Trump initially criticised by the FBI for the way they looked into the Clinton emails because he said they were too cosy and a corrupt system was protecting her. Then he praised Comey for reopening the investigation in the November before criticising him again a few days later for presumably not finding her guilty. Comey said he had no information on Trump’s claims that Obama had been wiretapping him. This must have caused Trump some irritation. Add to this, and this is significant, the Feds were probing potential links to Russia tampering in the US Presidential Election. Typical of Trump, there is so much flip flopping. He even changed the narrative as to why Comey got the axe.

This really is complicated and I suspect there are a number of motives as to why Comey was sacked, rather than one clear reason. Trump is such an impetuous character. If this points anything out, as if we needed anther reason, it is this; he is unfit to govern. Many have talked about a potential impeachment. This remains to be seen. He never should have been elected in the first place and Hillary and the DNC only have themselves to blame.


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