Michael Noonan and the Hepatitis Scandal

By Patrick Brogan

Our favourite politicians are dropping off quickly today. Earlier, Michael Noonan announced he was retiring. The Limerick man will stand down after the next election. Noonan has a reputation as a tough guy. How tough is he? He picked on and tried to suppress a woman suffering from hepatitis because of the negligence of the Blood Transfusion Services Board (BTSB).

Bridget McCole and 1600 others had become infected with hepatitis C because the BTSB had not taken the proper preventative measures. McCole was determined to get to the bottom of this. Noonan as Minister for Health did his best to suppress the news coming to light. He repeatedly took a hard-line. He favoured a tribunal over a court case because he felt this would limit the exposure of who was behind it. A court case would have delved deeper and got to the root of the cause.

Maybe the most unsavoury element of Noonan’s involvement was when he threatened Ellen McCole, Bridget’s mother, with Supreme Court action. Ellen just wanted to know what happen her daughter.

So, that’s Michael Noonan for ya. A true Fine Gael hard man. Add on to this all the austerity measures which brought untold suffering to Irish people. As I said about Enda Kenny in a previous article today; Off you fuck, Michael.


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