Julian Assange Rape Case Dropped

By Patrick Brogan

News broke this morning that Julian Assange’s rape case is to be dropped by Swedish prosecutors. These rape allegations relate back to a 10-day period in 2010 when Assange was in Stockholm. In 2012, he took refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and has been there ever since.

Julian Assange stayed with a woman named as “Miss A” in the case files. She was a member of the Christian Association of Social Democrats. The Wikileaks founder stayed in her apartment while he toured Sweden giving speeches. In the court documents, it is claimed he started ripping at her clothes, after convincing Assange to wear a condom the document says he tampered with it and it ripped. Assange’s legal team said he stayed in her apartment for a week after the incident and she never mentioned anything about a condom.

The second woman, Miss W, said she had to convince Assange to wear a condom, even though the sex was consensual. The next morning she awoke to Assange having sex with her and not wearing a condom.

Many critics, like John Pilger, have described this case as a witch hunt or a honey pot. Wikileaks and its founder have been a thorn in the side of the establishment since its inception. A Democrat strategist once said Assange should be killed. Bob Beckel once told Fox “a dead man can’t leak stuff” and somebody should “illegally shoot the son of a bitch”.


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