Trump’s Whistle-Stop Tour of People He Criticised on Twitter

By Patrick Brogan

President Trump meet Pope Francis in the Vatican earlier today. The two men, or at least their Twitter accounts, had a very publicised spat while Donald Trump campaigned for the White House. This started when the Pope said Christians should build bridges, not walls, in reference to his planned wall on the Mexican border. Trump responded by saying his tactics prevent groups like ISIS attacking.

This comes in the same week as Trump visited Saudi Arabia. The President accused the Saudis of having a much greater role in the September 11th attacks than was covered in the media and that the official report on the atrocities redacted the pages relating to their involvement — while running for office.

Many commentators are worried about the Riyadh Government funding extremist Islamic groups. When on his tour, Trump pointed the finger at Iran, rather than the House of Saud. When on the campaign trail, Trump promised a fresh investigation into the terrorist attacks in 2001 for the families of the victims.

The leader of the Catholic Church and the leader of the free world seemed to get on much better in person, than on the Internet. The Pope reiterated his wish that Trump can be a symbol of hope and peace by giving him a small sculpted olive tree. Whether the Commander-in-Chief heeds this will remain to be seen.


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