Political Ideologies Series; Communism

This week, instead of our usual #Todays3, we will look at political ideologies. The reason for this is there has been much confusion about these ideologies as of late. For instance, I have heard a number of people refer to Left-wing anti-fascist groups as fascist themselves, rather than authoritarian. Or communism being used as an umbrella for all socialism. Note, this series is aimed at clearing up any confusion and creating debate, I don’t subscribe to nor promote any of these concepts. Nor do I necessarily agree with the articles, but there is a valid reason they were picked.

Today we will look at communism, the great “evil” of the 20th Century. Are there any positives to take from it and does it differ from Karl Marx’ original philosophy?




So, who would want a socialist society and why? Here is Russell Brand and his critique of how it is covered in the media;



Here is a man named Mark Perry on why socialism, in all its forms, has failed in the past and although it may show signs of initial success, it is always doomed to failure;




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