Political Ideologies Series; Capitalism

This week, instead of our usual #Todays3, we will look at political ideologies. The reason for this is there has been much confusion about these ideologies as of late. For instance, I have heard a number of people refer to Left-wing anti-fascist groups as fascist themselves, rather than authoritarian. Or communism being used as an umbrella for all socialism. Note, this series is aimed at clearing up any confusion and creating debate, I don’t subscribe to nor promote any of these concepts. Nor do I necessarily agree with the articles, but there is a valid reason they were picked.


Today’s focus is on Capitalism. This concept probably has more baggage associated with it than any other on the list. There are many reasons for this; the main one is it is the one that has survived to this day in many parts of the world. So, what is it? Investopedia will tell us. Also, the short video is very informative;




Although it has its critics, there are many that say capitalism is the best form of preserving a cohesive society. Ron Paul is one of its most vocal fans. In the video below, he says we have never had a proper capitalist society because of government interference. The war in Afghanistan also comes up and Michael Moore mentions the state-controlled opium trade of the country, perhaps unintentionally;



This next link lists the basic tenets of capitalism. It’s food for thought;

View at Medium.com

View at Medium.com



Are there drawbacks? Of course, like everything else. Here is a list of what people view as the negatives associated with capitalism;




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