Why Isn’t There an Inquiry Into the DNC?

By Patrick Brogan

There have been many column inches dedicated to the testimony of Jeff Sessions at the Congressional inquiry into Russian interference of the US Presidential election, as there was to James Comey’s, yet, nobody is asking why isn’t there a similar inquiry into the Democratic National Committee.

During Comey’s questioning, he said he had no doubt that Russia had some involvement of interference, but the FBI, nor anyone else for that matter, have not presented a shred of solid evidence to back it up. Comey himself said that the FBI did not get to examine the evidence and it was done by a third party. This in itself is very odd. This is not to say that the Trump campaign had no interaction with Russian intelligence to boost their chances of winning, but the fact that American intelligence community still hasn’t produced worthwhile evidence is suspicious in itself.

Now, compare this to DNC leaked emails. Here, we have the main players saying they are trying to give one candidate an advantage over the other. Bernie Sanders had repeatedly said the DNC was favouring Hillary Clinton over him and the Wikileaks emails back that up. Other than Wikileaks, other independent groups have said as much, this, for example.

It would appear that the DNC and Clinton’s tactic of a smokescreen of potential Russian interference has covered over actual electoral tampering. They have gotten away with it, and the American intelligence community, unwittingly or not, have helped them. Meanwhile, the Russian story drags on and on. Where is the justice? Where is the impartiality? Both of these appear to be taking a break from US politics.


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