The ShitShow That was the Great British General Election

By Patrick Brogan

The British General Election has been described as a shitshow many times. This is a fairly accurate description of what has taken place in Westminister.

As a modern, Liberal democracy, the majority of Britons won’t take too kindly to the news that the DUP leader Arlene Foster allegedly tried to curb gay marriages by Northern Irish citizens in Scotland. This should be no surprise to anybody that is familiar with the history of that political party. The DUP was founded by the Rev. Ian Paisley. He was also the leader for over 40 years. He was rabidly anti-homosexual. So, Arlene Foster is just continuing on that tradition. Paisley was also very anti-Catholic. The Tories might be fighting ISIS on one hand, but on the other they are willing to jump into bed with the DUP at home. I’m not suggesting that they are equal to each other… actually, that is what I’m saying.

Paisley had links to the Ulster Volunteer Force, a group that used indiscriminate murder of Catholics as a tactic. He helped found the Ulster Constitutional Defence Committee which sought to quash any civil rights for Catholic Nationalists. This is the origin of the DUP. They are a religious fundamentalist party with historic links to paramilitaries. Is this who the British want in a Government that is supposed to represent them? Also, it must pointed out, if Arlene Foster was the ‘leader’ of any other country, she would have been forced to resign over the “Cash for Ash” scandal.

Speaking of religion, Tim Farron has stood down as the leader of the Liberal Democrats because it conflicts with his religious believes. Holy Moses. Before the election, Farron was clear he would not get into bed with the fox-killers, but, now that he has stood down, does this open the door to a potential coalition?  The DUP have 10 seats, the Lib Dems have 12. So, not only will the Conservative Party have a slightly more comfortable majority, they won’t have to deal with potentially more awkward questions from the British media regarding their relationship with the sketchy DUP.

All of this is dragging on to the backdrop of the Grenfell Tower fire, rising inflation, numerous terrorist attacks, uncertainty over Brexit, austerity measures and much else besides. On the news yesterday, I heard a commentator say Britain is starting to look like the first First World failed state. I’m not sure those at the helm are qualified to reverse this.


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