I Don’t Know What’s Going On Anymore

By Patrick Brogan

Is anyone else finding it difficult to watch the news lately? In recent years, it has become abundantly clear that the established, or corporate or mainstream, media is not the best source of information and there’s enough evidence to say it never was. We have seen media tycoons like Rupert Murdoch hobnob with business owners and politicians like Tony Blair and David Cameron going on hands and knees begging these people for benediction. Add to this, the worrying trend of journalists attending meetings, like the Bilderberg Group, conversing with the elite when they should be reporting on them.

Politicians are not known for being honest. A lot of the time, journalists are not grilling them on important issues like corruption, transparency, financial irregularities and much more besides. There is a clear information gap. This has hit a new low this year.

2017 will be remembered as a year of disinformation. Most of this can be traced back to Donald Trump. There never seems to be solid information. This should not be a surprise given the involvement of Steve Bannon. Breitbart is often described as fake news. This is untrue. It covers real stories and events. However, what it does do, relentlessly, is frame the news to fit its own agenda. Every story is covered in this manner, so this might require stretching the truth or omitting key details. Sound familiar?

Then we have Trump himself. He is erratic by nature and this is amplified by our multimedia culture. The best source we have for his unrestricted thoughts is his Twitter account. This isn’t necessarily a good thing. What was all that about with the tapes and James Comey? Sad.

Then we have the jewel in the crown; Kellyanne Conway. Let’s start by saying she was actually very critical of Trump, and then totally changed her opinion of him when he showed an interest in her, or to be more specific, when he looked like he had a chance of becoming President. This is the problem with politics. Nobody has any morals, it’s all just a means of getting up the ladder. Enemies one day, allies the next — if there is anything to be gained from it. Have a look and see what you think yourself;


The most frustrating trait she has is her refusal to answer important questions. Conflation is her middle name. Some have said it is a clever tactic. It isn’t. It’s what a child does to get out of trouble. Some politicians are slick when wriggling off the hook and do it in a very skilful way. Conway doesn’t.

Donald Trump was elected to the background of chants of drain the swamp and the claims he was the anti-establishment candidate. People were frustrated by a lack of accountability of the established political class. I wonder do his supporters still feel the same way. He certainly has shown a disdain to answering questions for the American people. This clearly isn’t a priority as he surrounds himself with people that do the same.

This will eventually play itself out or else people with get tired. Or maybe the Comey thing will lead to an impeachment. Either way, this trend will not continue. The best way to deal with this in the meantime is to lampoon it. Comedy is always the answer. I suspect that Kate McKinnon’s impersonations of her are more accurate to real life than artistic license stretching the truth.


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