Vatican’s Finance Man Charged with Child Sexual Abuse

By Patrick Brogan

Disturbing reports today are coming from Australia about George Pell, the country’s most senior Catholic. He was charged with multiple accounts of child sexual abuse by Victoria State Police. These charges relate to historical abuse, likely to be from the 70s. To add to Vatican woes, he is the number 3 in Rome, the man in charge of finances.

He is required to attend court on 18th July. This will mean the 76-year-old will have to return from Rome. The Catholic Church announced he denies the claims and is eager to clear his name in court.

This is embarrassing for Pope Francis. In a letter released in January, the Pope called for zero tolerance on child sexual abuse. He called it “a sin that shames us” and added; “I would like us to renew our complete commitment to ensuring that these atrocities will no longer take place in our midst.”

While Pell has not been found guilty and this relates back to a time when Francis was not Pope, it still questions his credibility that the highest ranking Vatican official, an official he appointed, ever charged with such crimes happened on his watch. No doubt, we will be hearing from this story.


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