Where is the Balance?

By Patrick Brogan

A number of people have been talking about Pat Hickey and his interview with Paul Williams on Newstalk. Critics have pointed out Williams’ inconsistency in reporting stories. When writing about Hickey for the Irish Independent, the tone is very soft, showing Hickey in a positive, innocent light. He focuses on the personal;“This has been hugely traumatic for me, my wife, my children and my friends. Here I am at 72 years of age being forced to fight for my good name.”

Then there is the dispute over figures and costs and if his time in Brazil had cost the OCI millions. Surely, Williams could check these figures. It could be argued that he is letting Hickey tell his side of the story. But, this looks like a PR stunt given the possibility of a lot of facts putting Hickey in a negative view coming down the line.
He was far more thorough when questioning Maurice McCabe’s character. For example, he interviewed the woman at the centre of the sexual assault allegations against Maurice McCabe. These claims appear to be nothing more than a smear campaign, one that Williams was happy to engage in. Williams interview with Hickey is just another example of a media far too cosy with those they should be grilling.

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