Egypt Seeks to Strengthen Ties with Hamas

By Patrick Brogan

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi appears to be looking for closer ties with Hamas in Gaza. Egypt has long backed and took part in blockades over land, at sea and over air in the Palestinian territory. The Egyptian premiér has always been wary of Hamas‘ links to the Muslim Brotherhood, the same group he overthrew. This seems to be a way of consolidating power.

What’s in it for Hamas? Well, they find themselves in a precarious position at the moment. The Fatah Party in the West Bank has long sought to oust Hamas from Gaza and part of this strategy has resulted in the Israelis agreeing to cut power to the statelet. Both the Fatah Party and Israel hope this will get the people in Gaza to force Hamas out.

This has resulted in power for only four hours of the day and has affected hospitals and water treatment facilities in an area that is experiencing a drought. This has brought untold strain on the two million people living there. Hamas, under pressure, has welcomed Egypt’s overtures and it may even see it challenge Fatah power in Palestine.


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