North Korea Symptomatic of Challenge to American Hegemony

By Patrick Brogan

Not only are North Korea’s missile launches a provocative challenge to the “American bastards” as Kim Jong-un described them, but it is also forcing Russia and China to cooperate more. This is something we are seeing more of in the region with the formation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

This seems to be a reoccurring theme not just in the Far-East but globally. Most of Latin America has long shaken off the shackles of what they felt was overbearing US influence. This has had mixed results. There was also a Middle Eastern bloc weary of American interests. A pan-Arab confederation of Iraq, Syria and Libya. We all know what happened there.

Japan is very much a close ally of the US and some even accuse it of being similar to being a satellite state. Taking this into consideration and NATO‘s further encroachment onto Russia’s borders and what has happened in the Middle East, no wonder Russia and China are joining closer together. Both are powerful nations and will be a serious threat to US global dominance.

Their grip on power seems to be waning slightly. Their long time ally, Britain, is going through its own difficulties at the moment its status is not what it once was. The United Kingdom is not so united.

If a Sino-Russian alliance becomes the most powerful force in this century, will it usher in a more democratic era or will it be the new bully boy? Unfortunately, it usually is the latter when one geopolitical entity takes over from another.


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