Fresh Allegations of Shell Corruption in Nigeria

By Patrick Brogan

The BBC has obtained evidence of Shell corruption regarding oil fields in Nigeria. The report shows evidence that Shell was aware money paid for the oil field would go to a money launderer and the former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan.

This deal was done when the oil giant was already under investigation for corruption in the country. OPL 245 is the name of the oil field in question and its drilling rights were owned by Dan Etete. He acquired the rights when he was still Nigeria’s minister for oil. He was later convicted of money laundering.

Shell bought the rights in 2011, with the help of an Italian company called ENI, for $1.3 billion. The estimated nine billion barrels are worth half a trillion dollars.

This is far from the first time that Shell has been in controversy in Nigeria. Wikileaks released cables that showed that they were giving information to US intelligence in an exchange they hoped would prevent Chinese influence in the region. They also claimed they had a Shell employee in every ministry in Nigeria. A worrying development in a country already troubled by corruption.


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