Is ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi Dead?

By Patrick Brogan

Reports over the last few days are suggesting that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, is dead. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says they were reliably informed by ISIS members that al-Baghdadi, known as Caliph Ibrahim to his supporters, is dead, but did not specify the cause.

This is not the first time it was claimed that he was dead. Back in June, the Russians claimed responsibility for his possible death. They said he was at a meeting with 30 other ISIS members in al-Raqqah when the building was hit by a Russian air force strike at the end of May.

How credible either of these claims are can be questioned and only time will tell if they are true or not. What is interesting is the media’s response. Very little of this story has made its way into the mainstream media. Contrast this to a time when it was difficult to get away from news about ISIS and their atrocities not so long ago. The beheadings, throwing people off buildings, the terrorist attacks. Some even suggested they would take over Europe by the year 2020. Why are they so quiet now? Maybe it is the credibility of who is reporting al-Baghdadi’s death, but when has that stopped the corporate media before?

Also, would it not be better to capture him and put him on trial? Surely there must be something that could be learned from his capture rather than murder, or will it go the same way as bin Laden’s supposed execution? Maybe he’s just not the important anymore. Everyone, including vast parts of the media, seemed to have moved on.


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