Spare a Thought For Those Without the Money to Take on Leo Sherlock

By Patrick Brogan

As we already reported, The and Leo Sherlock were forced to issue an apology and pay an undisclosed fee for plagiarising both INM and CCC Nuacht Teoranta. As we pointed out in our podcast, The are no strangers to this worrying behaviour. The problem remains, they may get away with plagiarising others’ work that don’t have the financial resources to take them to court.

Indeed, there are numerous examples of The Liberal taking articles from local publications and passing it off as their own. The Dublin Inquirer did an excellent article covering just this.

The Liberal continues an alarming trend of the monied using their cash to push their political ideology. Much like George Soros and Peter Thiel. He was accused of stoking up racial tensions by blowing an incident on St. Stephen’s Day out of proportion. He has very strong views on abortion and Donald Trump. His views certainly aren’t liberal, nor are they objective and this is reflected in his publication.


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