Blame Game Continues as Children Suffer in Gaza

By Patrick Brogan

The people of Gaza are suffering further hardships as the Israelis, Hamas and the Fatah Party all blame each other rather trying to look for solutions. Vital medical provisions are denied to those that need it. Clean water is lacking and electricity being cut to 3-4 hours a day is impacting on vital hospital equipment that keeps people alive.

There has been an Israeli blockade since 2007 and Egypt have implemented one on the other border. This is all an attempt to undermine Hamas and squeeze them out of power. It hasn’t worked. Mahmoud Abbas cut electricity payments to Israel, resulting in hospitals relying on generators to keep hospitals functioning.

It has been reported that Hamas‘ popularity is on the wane and some Israeli media fear this will force them into attacking Israel as a last throw of the dice to hold onto power. Whatever happens, millions will continue to suffer. International cooperation is needed for this humanitarian disaster.


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