#Todays3 19.7.17 Mosul, Thiel, Alex Jones

#Todays3 is our collection of material that we think should be highlighted and discussed more. Whether it is science, politics, history, religion or anything else for that matter. It might not always be current, but it is always relevant.


-1) What’s really going on in Mosul and is it part of a bigger play in the Middle East?


-2) What type of weird shit is this? Peter Thiel, a man who gave huge backing to President Trump’s election campaign, is now interested in the blood of younger people as a way of staying young;


-3) This is funny! Alex Jones rants in the key of Bon Iver;



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  1. […] In some ways, who Facebook was initially funded by is worse than just being an arm of the CIA. We have mentioned Peter Thiel numerous times on this site. He’s like the American Denis O’Brien. Any critical stories about him lead to a grudge. He helped destroy Gawker, which was hardly a sad day for journalism, but this came out of a personal vendetta and this is a trait he has long had. He is not good for democracy. He also is interested in some really weird shit. […]

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