People are Too Pampered

By Patrick Brogan

The infantilisation of Western culture is complete. There was a non-story today on Irish radio. Michael O’Leary of Ryanair was interviewed by Sean O’Rourke on his programme today and he was grilled as to why he was separating families like he was some sort of over zealous social worker. O’Leary correctly told people to stop whinging and pay the extra €2 if they wanted to pick their seats. This is clearly a Ryanair policy. Everyone knows this and it is part of the reason Ryanair are so cheap. The “no frills airline”.

O’Leary said if the family are not willing to pay that bit extra it is their responsibility for not sitting together, not his company’s. This is part of the problem of modern society. Everyone complains relentlessly. If you don’t like Ryanair‘s policies then don’t fly with them. If there was an incident that involved Ryanair deliberately harming or mistreating somebody, it would be understandable. This moaning over a policy they knew in advance is irritating.

Increasingly, it feels like people want everything done for them. When this does not happen, the overly emotional reaction is concerning. As a society, are we facing the fact that many people, regardless of age, are emotionally undeveloped? I’m not even going to bother backing this one up with any science or facts like I normally do. These are just observations. Let me know what you think, does society need to grow up?


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