Green Brexit Would Be a Positive

By Patrick Brogan

The UK’s environment secretary, Michael Gove, said there would be a green Brexit with Britain leading the way in a number of wide ranging environmental issues, including animal welfare, air quality, farming, fisheries and land management.

Figures released in 2016 said there are 466,000 farmers in Britain and farms account for 71% of British land. Farming income fell to £8.1 billion, tiny in comparison to the UK’s overall GDP of £2.6 trillion last year. Farming could do with a boost in Britain as the agricultural work force is ageing.

Many environmentalists worried about what Britain leaving the EU would do. They spoke of watered down EU rules. TTIP was cited as a reason many voted to leave the union, but with the UK now outside of the EU, it was feared a potential US-UK trade deal would be worse in a number of areas, including environmental protection.

There was some controversy about Michael Gove’s appointment. It had been suggested that Rupert Murdoch was heavily influential in him getting the job. This is something the Tories have not denied, they just wouldn’t answer the question. Surely, Murdoch wants something in return if it is the case. It will be interesting to watch over Gove and see how his policies might in some way line the pocket of Murdoch.


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