The Russian Conspiracy

By Patrick Brogan

“I have here in my hand a list of 205 . . . a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department. . . ”                                                     -Senator Joseph McCarthy addressing an audience in Wheeling, West Virginia

Since the end of the Second World War, the US has been obsessed by Russia and any potential influence it may have over global affairs. They have often acted on this paranoia through proxy wars, as did the Russians on the other side. Vietnam and Afghanistan are the two that stand out.

Perhaps American paranoia is borne out their own international practices. As well as invading countries without a shred of solid evidence, America has meddled in the elections of other countries, some put this figure as high as 45. It may surprise you to know that Russia is on this list. The Democrats used USAID in Russia to help their preferred candidate win the 1996 Russian election. The country was falling apart at the time and many Russians hated Yeltsin. The USAID money was used to pump out pro-Yeltsin propaganda and he never would have won otherwise.

Russia, despite promises from the Americans, has seen the NATO border get closer and closer to its own. It would appear that NATO is trying to enclose Russia, certainly on its European side.

So, if Russia did tamper in the Presidental elections stateside, it would be understandable to some degree, but did they? Where’s the evidence that they have? Numerous commentators, including Assange himself, have said the material that ended up on Wikileaks did not have to be provided by the Russians because the DNC cyber security was so weak. Anyone could have hacked it. There is no evidence Trump colluded with the Russians neither. This is all a smoke screen. It may come out some day that Russia did hack the election, but this seems unlikely because if there was solid evidence it would have been found and also, think of the implications had Trump lost, remembering he lost the popular vote. This would have almost led directly to a war. Would Putin hedge his bets like that? What’s to be gained? One short-term victory for the sake of irreversible US animosity? And bear in mind it was Trump that got in. He is too volatile to trust.

Now look at a country that does have a lot of power in the US; Israel. I’m not going to start with there is a secret Jewish plot to rule the world or that the Rothschilds really run the show, relax. The reality is though, the Israeli lobby has a huge amount of influence over American affairs, far more than Russia does. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) funds most of the US Congress and on both sides of the so-called divide. When AIPAC says jump, Congress says how high. This doesn’t seem to worry most Americans. This is not having a go at Israel per se, but should any nation have this level of influence over another? America certainly doesn’t want any foreign influence in the States, but it clearly already exists.

Israel is an ally, so it is a different relationship. One of cooperation and understanding. Not always though. The attack on the USS Liberty is a prime example. 34 Americans were killed and over one hundred wounded in the unprovoked incident on the unarmed vessel. There is plenty of evidence to suggest Israel knew this was an American ship and that the NSA helped cover up the information afterwards. So, while US intelligence is looking for evidence of a Russian “hack”, they cover up evidence of an Israeli attack that killed Americans.

Former intelligence officer, Jonathan Pollard stole sensitive information from the US and gave it over to the Israelis. In 1993, a massive Israeli spy ring was uncovered in the States that infiltrated many organisations. Then there is the dancing Israelis during the 9/11 attacks. The most worry of all probably is Ariel Sharon’s comment that the Jews run America. All of these are worrying elements if you are an America and believe in democracy. But let’s blame the Ruskies anyway.


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